Recent Before & After Photos

Smoke/Soot Damage due to neighborhood fire

This home was caught around a few fires in the area and had a large amount of smoke and soot damage to the floors, walls and ceilings. The garage structure itse... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold

This is similar to what is seen a decent amount. The mold was caused by a slower leak that created the environment and was found because the leak grew larger an... READ MORE

Roof damage leading to water damage inside the home

These photos show the damaged caused by a rain storm and shingles having been torn away. The tarp was the solution to stopping the water leak until the roofing ... READ MORE

Mold in a family home

This loss started as a water mitigation job. The homeowners had water in the walls and on the floors. When we cleared the water and removed the drywall we disco... READ MORE

Mold in a Pharmacy

A local pharmacy had a small water loss that lead us to finding mold in the facility. We set up a containment area, removed the offending material and proceeded... READ MORE

Mold in a Church bathroom

The bathroom at this church in Menifee California had a large mold problem. They found it due to a musty smell in the restroom anytime anyone would go inside. T... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Kitchen with Removal of Cabinets

This fire loss was a large loss. Due to the water the fire department used, the cabinets in this kitchen were wet and damaged beyond repair. They were unable to... READ MORE

Bathroom Flood in a Fed-Ex Service Center

These photos show the before and after of carpet removal from a toilet overflow at a Fed-Ex Center. Due to the type of water and category of the loss, the carpe... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Commercial Building

The pictures in this before and after show the damage the mold caused to the window sill and the framing under the window sill. The next photo shows the contain... READ MORE

Garage Fire In Corona Ca.

These images are the damage and clean up of a garage fire in Southern California. The fire was caused by a faulty appliance in the garage. As you can see in the... READ MORE